Our company proposes universal micro fertilizer “CIIAT” for agricultural and ornamental cultures which contributes to real fertility improvement, yield increase, plant resistance to drought, over-freezing, burns from nitrates, harmful effects of pesticides, etc. The preparation “CIIAAT” is a universal micro fertilizer – a chelate complex of micro elements based on stabilized humic substances, with UV protector and elements of antioxidant plant protection system.

 The best method for the application of micro fertilizer “CIIAAT” of all marks is foliar application with standard sprayers in conjunction with mineral fertilizers or pesticides.


Aqueous suspension with a slight precipitate from brown to dark brown color, odorless or with a slight smell of compost. The product provides the increased stability of soil biota and agricultures immune systems, promotes protection of population from consequences impact of solar radiation, drought, frost, excess moisture, bacterial infection and mutagens, pests, chemical pollution, radioactive damage and abnormal electromagnetic radiation. It is used for rehabilitation of bacterial nitrogen-fixing soil microflora in order to activate the process of nitrification of organic matter in the soil (increasing nitrogen available for plants).

The ratio of micro elements is balanced in accordance with the needs of soil microorganisms. It is intended for seed dressing and planting material dressing, top-dressing during vegetation when cultivating grain, technical, vegetable, flower-decorative and fruit and berry crops, in open and protected soils with the aim to accelerate the growth and development of plants, increasing their resistance to adverse growing conditions, increasing the yield and improvement of its quality.

Use in agriculture:

The main application is under the grain, leguminous, oilseed and technical crops (including rape, cotton, sunflower), vegetables, garden berries, potatoes, flowers, lawn grasses and ornamental plants at fertilizer application rate 2 liters per hectare in the early vegetation, as well as seed dressing of cereals, leguminous plants, oilseeds, vegetables, horticultural crops, potatoes, flowers, lawn grasses and ornamental plants at fertilizer application rate 400 ml in 10 liters of fertilizer per 1 ton of seeds.


Compatible with any plant protection products.

• High application efficiency in any climatic zones, including arid zones – yield increase by 15-30%;
• Significant increase in the yield quality;
• Reduction of toxic effects of mineral fertilizers, chemicals on agricultural crops;
• Reduction of the usage norms of mineral fertilizers and chemicals by 15-20%; thus, ensuring the gentle usage mode of land resources is provided and reducing the nitrate load on the yield;
• Maintenance of the increased water retention in the soil;
• Protection from harmful influence of ultraviolet light (burns) on the leaf part of plants; the amount resulting during the application of nitrate nitrogen in the soil exceeds the control values by 1,6-2 times, which is a consequence of the stimulation of bacteria development of both nitrogen-fixing groups.

Impact on Health:
• Safe for health. Agricultural products grown using the fertilizers have no health hazards (subject to compliance with the rules and frequency of fertilizer application).
• Contains no growth stimulants of hormonal type of natural or synthetic origin.
• Does not apply to hazardous substances, packaging does not need special recycling.